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Girl's Moana Costume

Girl’s Moana Costume

Quality Seamstress-Made Children’s Costumes and Capes


Children’s Costumes and Capes by Caped Crusaders

All children love costumes and capes – they can pretend to be wonderful things, letting their imagination soar.┬áCaped Crusader’s capes are wonderful to give as gifts, for they provide hours of entertainment at little cost.
Plan a girls party with our fancy pretty princess costumes and capes, and tiaras too – give a cape to each guest as a special treat so they can all be royal princesses.
Boys love superheroes, and what better way than to have a superhero party where each child can have a superhero cape to save the world. Plan some games and party decorations to match the themes.


Kids Superhero Capes for Play

Caped Crusaders offers plain (no decoration) capes too, as older children might want to decorate their own cape with marker pens, paints, stickers or purchased iron-on decals (a fun party activity)! Caped Crusader’s capes are made of poly cotton for many hours of loving wear. The neck closes with a velcro tab for safety.

Browse through Caped Crusader’s costume inventory, including girls princess gowns and accessories, boys and girls superhero capes, and more!


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